2019 Fair Results

Computer Science and Modeling - Group 2
1Jake MorehJericho High SchoolCombining diffusion kurtosis imaging with white matter tract integrity modeling reveals axonal water fraction as a marker of clinical progression in primary progressive multiple sclerosis
2Suchir MisraJericho High SchoolMeta-Analysis of cancer-related gene sets: Linking craniosynostosis and endometrial cancer
3Arianna PahlavanJericho High SchoolDiscretizing a hybridized cardiac reconstruction for a novel simulation of sustained fibrillation
HNoah HanoverGreat Neck North High SchoolUsing Modern Image Processing and Feature Selection Algorithms to Identify and Analyze New Metrics to Improve the Interpretation of Mice Undergoing Behavioral Changes
HRohan GuptaHerricks High SchoolHomology Modelling of Winged Helix Domain of INI1b Protein
Computer Science and Modeling - Group 1
1Jeannie RenPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolInside the Black Box: Topological Memorization and Generalization of Convolutional Neural Networks
3Joshua FlashnerRoslyn High SchoolShining a Light on the Black Box of Neural Networks
MRyan HuangManhasset High SchoolComputing Convex Hulls through Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks
HAshley O'NeillPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolA Mathematical Exploration Applying the Number e to the Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Opioids: Estimating the Second Dose and the Comfortable Breathing Duration
HBenjamin HelmanPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolDecomposition of the Fredkin gate and Factoring by 2 Quantum Subroutines
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Group 2
1Jennifer LinJericho High SchoolObesity-Associated Metabolic Inflammation: NF-kB and Autophagy
2Caroline YuJericho High SchoolHexokinase Domain Containing 1(Hkdc1): A metabolic regulator of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
2Ryan SiegelPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolEngineering Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticles with miR-663 to Target Squamous Cell Carcinoma
3Shreya PatelHerricks High SchoolThe Effects of AIF1 Post-Translational Modifications (PTMs) on its Known Functions
3Devika RajeevJericho High SchoolIn vitro dHL60 neutrophil model: Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) role in inflammasome activation
3Audrey ZhongJericho High SchoolTemporal progression of secondary degeneration in mice substantia nigra after chronic stroke
3Jake StollerRoslyn High SchoolAn Assessment of the Drug Efficacy of Palbociclib and Decitabine in Mono and Combined Therapy in Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma
HJonathan RabbanyGreat Neck North High SchoolDirect Activation of the RUNX1 Enhancer Element Increases Efficiency of Endothelial to Hematopoietic Cell Fate Conversion
HOliver Zhang, Kevin GaoGreat Neck South High SchoolBerberine Inhibits HIV TAT Protein Induced U937 Lymphocyte Cell Adhesion and Proliferation- A Novel Treatment Against HIV Infection
HIrene CokroHerricks High SchoolAssembling Novel Tensegrity Triangle Structures: Crystallization of 3T7, 3T8, and 3T9 for the Attachment of Triplex-Forming Oligonucleotides
HChris MathewHerricks High SchoolLive cell imaging of mitochondrial dynamics with putative mitofusin activating small molecules in Wild Type MEFs
HJustin ShenJericho High SchoolElucidating the Role of Neuraminidase & Hemagglutinin in Influenza Cytotoxicity & Cell Survival
HRuoxuan WangJericho High SchoolSelf-assembled DNA scaffolds: Impact of programmed crystal contacts on two molecules per asymmetric unit formation
HBenjamin GoldsteinPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolDeveloping a Model of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptor Alpha-Driven Glioblastoma
HMelissa PittardPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe identification of PRDM1 co-factors in HEK cells
HMaddie RubinRoslyn High SchoolThe Synthesis and Purification of Pam3CSK4 Spacer-Tag Variants
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Group 1
1Janice Rateshwar, Angela ZhuJericho High SchoolLactucis Agrestibus's Role in Cancer Inhibition
2Karen Li, Victor LiThe Wheatley SchoolTP53 Mutations as Potential Prognostic Markers for Specific Cancers
HTiffany GuoPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolIdentifying prognostic gene signatures for Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)
HJenny OuSyosset High SchoolThe Effect of Dehydration on Vitamin C Concentrations in Kiwi
General Biology - Group 2
1Manav BansalThe Wheatley SchoolDeveloping an in vitro Model to Study MPI Deficiency in Human Stellate Cell Activation and Potential Role of Autophagy
2Sachita GuptaGreat Neck North High SchoolBifidogenic Diet Modulates Gut Permeability in Mice
2Rishika NahataJericho High SchoolOxaliplatin Resistance: ERCC1 in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients
3Seunguk BaekHerricks High SchoolThe Effect of Inhibiting the NMDA Receptor During Different Developmental Stages Using MK-801 on Zebrafish Larvae
3Dia ShahJericho High SchoolAlternative dual cancer treatment: Optimization of Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound (LOFU) and radiation in murine breast and prostate cancer cells
3Nitish RajagopalJericho High SchoolSNARE Proteins and Vesicle Trafficking
HKristen Chao, Kimberly Liao, Maheen KhanCommack High SchoolA Modified Formula for Renal Parenchymal Area in the Cartesian Plane Informs Total Kidney Volume and Renal Scarring; The Bye-opsy Study
HTheresa HauptCommack High SchoolMechanism of a Bacterial Pilus Assembly Inhibitor
HAnushka GuptaGreat Neck North High SchoolDetermining the Effect of Triptolide on Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
HSohil DhariaJericho High SchoolRefined Diagnosis Criteria for Diastolic Dysfunction
HHannah PhiliposeJericho High SchoolZLN005 ameliorates retinal oxidative stress and epithelial-mesenchymal transition
HJacob KellerPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe Lateralization of Neuronal Activity in the Dentate Gyrus During Context Discrimination
General Biology - Group 1
1Nuzhat TarafderJericho High SchoolElucidation of the Effects of Apitoxin on Parkinson’s Disease Associated Behaviors in D. melanogaster PARK1
1Sanjana ShanmugavelJericho High SchoolThe Role of Ellagic Acid on the Host-Microbe Metabolism of Chemotherapeutics
2Alex Agris, James KimGreat Neck South High SchoolAscorbic Acid as an Inhibitor For Epileptic Seizures
2David Wang, Avnoor DeolGreat Neck South High SchoolUsage of L-Cys and its derivatives to alleviate ethanol metabolite-induced cytotoxicity in Drosophila melanogaster
2Kevin Carratu, Spyrithoula XenophontosManhasset High SchoolThe Effect of Curcumin on Caenorhabditis elegans dys-1 Locomotory Response, Lifespan, and Preference
2Micah Golan, Cheryl ChangPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe effectiveness of natural pesticides on food consumption, growth and feeding habits in Manduca sexta
3Mariam ZahranCommack High SchoolThe effect of Temperature change on the Susceptibility for Heat-Sensitive Drosophila to have A Seizure
3Zhu LiuGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Diatomaceous Earth and Soil Moisture on the Elimination of Mealworm Models for Zoonotic Parasites
3Somya PathakGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effects of Electrical Communication Inhibition on Persister Cell Populations
3Joelle Siong SinGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Role of Azospirillum brasilense Coinoculated with Rhizobium on Phaseolus vulgaris Nodulation Under Drought Stress
3Yuna ChaJericho High SchoolImproving locomotion of Park1 using protein rich pearl powder
3Jackson Tu, Jonathan Kim, Zain KhanManhasset High SchoolThe Effect of Glutathione and Ascorbic Acid on MIT-Induced Parkinson’s in Planarians
3Daniel RuskinPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolAnalyzing the Factors Common with Tommy John Surgery in Major League Baseball Pitchers
HNathan Cheung, Ruth LeeCommack High SchoolThe Effect of Cerebrospinal Fluid Hemoglobin Levels on the Progression of Parkinson's Disease
HMichael Chacon, Joseph CramerCommack High SchoolThe Migration Pattern of Great White Sharks (Carcharodon carcharias)
HEmma Yeung, Jooha GhaGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Quercetin and Piperine on Tau-Induced Drosophila
HElla Wesson, Marco MotroniManhasset High SchoolInvestigating Effects of Metformin and Dietary Restriction on the Healthspan of Caenorhabditis elegans Through Locomotion and Pharyngeal Pumping
HCheryl WangManhasset High SchoolNeurotoxic Effects of Consumer Products on Mytilus edulis Ganglion
HTaylor WangManhasset High SchoolThe Effects of Vitamin C on locomotor system in Drosophila melanogaster with TBI
HEsha BrarManhasset High SchoolThe Study of Fertility in Insulin Resistant Diabetes Model Drosophila melanogaster with the Removal of Gut Bacteria using Egg Dechorionation
HNate SendersPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolAnalyzing the Spread of Hemophilia
HSamantha Radinsky, Aminya SuwannatatPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe Behavioral and Genotoxic Effects of Triclosan on the Earthworm Lumbricus terrestris Exposed to Ultraviolet Radiation
HAbby HurtPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe Effects of Buprenorphine on Sodium Withdrawal Symptoms on the Planarian Model
HKatherine WinterPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe Relationship between Communication and The Formation of the Social Hierarchy in Crayfish
HLaura Chu, Chelsea KumarRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Traditional Medicine and Drosophila Melanogaster Reproduction Rates
HHailey EdelmanSyosset High SchoolExploring Mechanisms of Cannabidiol in C. elegan Lissencephaly Model
Behavioral and Social Science - Group 2
1Nicole HuangJericho High SchoolUsing connectome based predictive modeling to predict impaired executive functioning
1Jasmine BergerRoslyn High SchoolWhen Colorblind is Color Biased: The Relationship Between Multicultural and Colorblind Racial Attitudes and Victim Blaming
3Edward SamowitzPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolAn analysis of the efficacy and compliance rates associated with nutritional, supplemental, and combinatory treatments of hyperoxaluria
3Dhiya SaniPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe Effect of Social Media as a Recruitment Method on Participation Yield and Patient Demographics in AYA-F Cancer Survivors
3Adrian KeRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Graph Embellishment on Comprehension, Memorability, and Perceived Trustworthiness
HJackson PanGreat Neck North High SchoolThe “Mergeability” of Number Words
HMichelle GohGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Neuroscience of Artificial Intelligence: Comparison of Brain Activation During Text-Based Chatting with Human and Chatbot Partners
HDanielle GruberGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Role of Working Memory in the Ordinal Judgment Task
HBrooke ChenHerricks High SchoolContributions of Hippocampus and Striatum to Memory-Guided Behavior in Open Field Environment
HEmily LeventhalRoslyn High SchoolInvestigating the Depression-related Behaviors in Neural-circuits Specific Protocadherin-17 Knockout Mice
HLauren ChristensonRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Ethics Bowl Participation on Perspective Taking, Civic Engagement, and Cooperation and Competition
Behavioral and Social Science - Group 1
1Mir Zayid Alam, Taylor FoxManhasset High SchoolBlue-light induced sleep-deprivation affects behaviors of Drosophila melanogaster
1Makenzie KomackRoslyn High SchoolThe Battle of the Binge: An Exploration of Alcohol Use in College Aged Individuals
2Madeline GroothuisRoslyn High SchoolPerceptions of Sexual Harassment Based on Gender
2Lianna FriedmanRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Swearing on the Perception of and Likelihood of Voting for a Candidate
2Olivia Viruet-QuinteroRoslyn High SchoolThe Effects of Accents on the Perceived Qualifications and Hireability of Workers
3Sara Lok, Josie MashkevichRoslyn High SchoolAdult Perception of Gender Typing on Children's Toys
3William Xu, Daniel Liu, Trevor Kim, Ben FarhiRoslyn High SchoolApples to Apples: Organic vs. Non-Organic
3Feyi RufaiRoslyn High SchoolDoes That Make Me Crazy? The Effects of Treatment Type and Effectiveness on Personal Perception
3Jake LitvackRoslyn High SchoolThe Effects of Arming Guards and Teachers on Students' Perceptions of Safety and Comfort
3Anya ChabriaThe Wheatley SchoolA New Look at Writing: Investigating the Presence of Fractal Patterns in the Sentence Structures of Various Acclaimed Texts
HKevin Khadavi, David ZengGreat Neck North High SchoolHeads or Tails: The association between one’s prediction of the outcome of coin flips and the gambler’s fallacy or hot hand belief
HPreethi KumarGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Association of Trust Afforded to Uniformed Police Officers and the Race of Police Officers
HHailee Youn, Ethan Kessler, Bennett Levine, Jessica ChenRoslyn High SchoolDon’t Judge A Doctor By Their Location
HRia Malhotra, Ali MalikRoslyn High SchoolInvestigating Suicide Trends Through Google Searches
HMaya Groothuis, Abby Sliverman, Natalia Hakimi, Yasmine KaplanRoslyn High SchoolInvestigating the Effect of Source Differentiation on Trust of and Likelihood to Obtain the Flu Vaccine
HSebastian Plaza, Amelia Abraham, Jaideep Grewal, Elaine LeeRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on High School Students
HAriella HakimiRoslyn High SchoolThe Effects of Test Type on Anxiety, Performance, and Retention
HLuke Christenson, Saydie Grossman, Hailey Margulies, Sam JacobsonRoslyn High SchoolThe perception of danger of vaping
Chemistry - Group 2
1Riya PatelJericho High School4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-1 Piperazineethanesulfonic Acid (HEPES) Buffer vs. Quenching in Fluorescence Spectroscopy
2William BorgesRoslyn High SchoolRemoval of Hazardous Dyes from Simulated Wastewater Using Nitro-Oxidized Carboxycellulose Nanofibers Extracted from Coconut Fibers
3Miguel HulyalkarSouthside High SchoolTesting the Viability and Reusablility of Hemoglobin Biosensors utilizing SAM Surface Molecular Imprinting and Natural Surface Roughness Indices
HDana GuggenheimRoslyn High SchoolSelf-Assembly of 3D DNA Crystals with Super Torsional Stress in the Tensegrity Triangle Inter-Junction Distances
HVedant SinghThe Wheatley SchoolAnalyzing the Effects of Graphene-Loading and 3-D Printing on the Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity of Poly(propylene)
Chemistry - Group 1
1Aidan Spizz, Vernon McDermott, Isaac GoldsteinPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe effects of Al2O3, SiO2, and Carbon Nanotubes on the mechanical properties of concrete under acid rain simulation
2Louis VigliettaCommack High SchoolInhibition of Corrosion of Carbon Steel by Naturally Derived Plant Extracts
3Kevin Gauld, Ethan HorowitzManhasset High SchoolEvaluating the Effectiveness of Metal Alloys Against Their Components in the Electrocoagulation of Bacteria Contaminated Water
HSarah Shao, Kaitlyn ClarkeManhasset High SchoolThe Efficiency of Aluminum Oxide, Sodium Alginate, and Activated Carbon as Hybrid Materials in the Adsorption of Methylene Blue
HYvette SolSyosset High SchoolThe Implementation of Konjac Glucomannan in Hydrogels
Earth and Environmental Sciences - Group 2
1Kathy CaoCommack High SchoolThe Development of a Machine Learning Model to Predict Tropical Cyclone Genesis from Mesoscale Convective Systems
2Marguerite LiJericho High SchoolPesticides and Alzheimer's Disease: Dysfunctions in neurological hallmarks with pyrethroids and piperonyl butoxide synergy
3Ethan SontarpCommack High SchoolU-Pb Geochronology of Fluid Flow Events in the Barstow Formation
HEmma LevinPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolIdentifying United States Hurricane Risk WIth Changing Climate
HJolie BercowPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe Effect of Herbivory on Neighboring Plant Reproduction in Asclepias syriaca (Common Milkweed) Dominated Communities
Earth and Environmental Sciences - Group 1
1Olivia LiuGreat Neck North High SchoolGeospatial Analysis of Heavy Metal Presence in Soil and the Prevalence of Pancreatic Cancer
1Shourav SahaGreat Neck South High SchoolInoculation of Alginate Hydrogel Beads for the Sorption of Cu(II)
2Kallista Zhuang, Trisha MinochaGreat Neck South High SchoolEfficacy of Ascophyllum nodosum Extract (ANE) Foliar Spray and Guar Gum-Incorporated Soil on the Reduction of Drought Stress in Glycine max
2Abigail Lee, Shin ParkGreat Neck South High SchoolEfficiency of Using Hibiscus rosa-sinensis as a Natural Coagulant for Wastewater Treatment in Methylene Blue Dye
2Eric Bae, Alan LinGreat Neck South High SchoolExploring Inter-Species Plant Communication through AMF and Pathogen Resistance
3Kayla Hsu, Mary NickitaManhasset High SchoolThe Effectiveness of Pretreatment of Rhizobium leguminosarum and Ascorbic Acid on Preventing Osmotic and Oxidative Stress Caused by High Salinity in Soil
3Gabriella D'AngeloManhasset High SchoolUsing Lactuca satvia and Eisenia fetida as a Phytotoxicity Assay of Crude Oil
3Shira Freilich, Samantha GibbonsPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolAn Exploration Into the Effects Of Glyphosate On Vanessa cardui
3Max GoldmanPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe effects of J. nigra hull powder and P. serotina bark chips on A. platanoides and A. altissima
3Chris CizmeciyanSyosset High SchoolMitigating Heavy Metal Stress Induced Damage on C. vulgaris with Antioxidants
HNetta MualemGreat Neck North High SchoolAllelopathic chemical extraction of broccoli on pea and alfalfa seed germination
HMadeline YangGreat Neck North High SchoolGeospatial Analysis of Acid Rain and Soil Composition via ArcGIS Mapping
HNicholas SuGreat Neck South High SchoolDetermining the optimal concentration of hydrogen peroxide as an algaecide for dinoflagellates
HStella Park, Emma ScherGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Combined Treatments with Salicylic Acid and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Drought Tolerance of Pisum sativum var. Saccharatum
HElizabeth Louie, Keena YinGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Light Cycles and Nutrient Deprivation on Lipid Production in Chlorella Vulgaris
HEmily GanJericho High SchoolOptimization of biofuel production: Year-round, outdoor algal cultivation via fluorophore enhancement
HConnor GuidoManhasset High SchoolThe Effects of Cloud Coverage and Carbon Dioxide on Chlorella Vulgaris
HJosh De Leeuw, Ben GlaunerManhasset High SchoolThe Use of Calcium Carbonate to Remediate the Effects of Acid Rain on Root Growth, Germination, Chlorophyll Content, and Photosynthesis in a Glycine max Model
HCaitlin KimManhasset High SchoolThe Use of Hydroponically Grown Brassica Rapa in the Phytoremediation of Copper Sulfate Contaminated Water
HZachary Hay, Noah LoewyPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolAnalyzing the Environmental Impacts of Eco-Friendly Vehicles and the Factors Influencing their Adoption
HAdam SalzmanPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolMeasuring the Efficiency of Coriandrum Sativum L. and Glycine max L in Filtering Lead through a Cellulose Acetate Membrane
HHitangee JainThe Wheatley SchoolEffects of Pyrabactin and Abscisic on pre-irradiated Brassica Rapa seeds
Physics and Astronomy - Groups 1 and 2
1Delina LevineCommack High SchoolAnalyzing a Ferromagnetic-Paramagnetic Phase Transition using Machine Learning
1David GoldPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolDesigning Helmet Prototypes to Lessen Concussion Damage
HQingyuan QianGreat Neck North High SchoolThe M• – σ Relation of Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies
HJiaxuan (Crystal) HuJericho High SchoolHigh Precision Doppler Detections of Nearby Earth-like Planets Assisted by a Double Scrambler
HJohn KaneManhasset High SchoolA Study to Compare high lift instruments used in aviation.
Prototype Engineering - Group 2
1Carrie HsuHerricks High SchoolDevelopment of a Flexible Durometer Sensor for Improving Hardness Tactile Modality Using Piezoelectric Polymers
2David XuJericho High SchoolDual Sensing: Multi-modal sensor for pressure and bending
3Jillian HallerHerricks High SchoolA Comparative Study on the Application of Infrared Thermography and Heat Flux Sensors for the Thermal Assessment of a Wall Assembly
HGabi D'AgostinoCommack High SchoolNon-Newtonian Vehicle Side Impact Damage Reduction System
HNoah YoungGreat Neck North High SchoolSmartphone Based Cataract Surgery Simulator That Allows Surgical Students to Practice Surgery at Home
Prototype Engineering - Group 1
1Aaron ZhangManhasset High SchoolThe Effect of Varying Methylene Blue Concentrations on Yeast Microbial Fuel Cell Electrical Production
2Jaekeun SungGreat Neck South High SchoolArtificial Muscle Module.
2Stanley KongManhasset High SchoolIncreasing Temperature Gradient of Thermoelectric Generators Using Different Methods of Cooling
3Lauren Benjamin, Margaret HaykinGreat Neck North High SchoolMechanical Composting: Is It More Convenient?
HShawn Uthup, Adam DubiCommack High SchoolA Device to Aid With the Installation of Gloves for Doctors in Offices
HLogan Golia, Eli GoodwinGreat Neck South High SchoolA quantitative investigation of the effects of various pigments and their mixtures on dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) performance.
HThomas Rowan, Julius YohManhasset High SchoolThe Effect of Ion Concentratokn on Crystal Formation in an Electrodialyis Process
HMatthew Cornacchia, Jacob MohebbanThe Wheatley SchoolEffects of Air Compression on the Levitation Ability of Magnet Levitation Trains