2018 Fair Results

Computer Science and Modeling - Group 2
1Arianna PahlavanJericho High SchoolSolving Heterogeneities in Defibrillation for a Vascular Remodel of the Heart
2Daniel LeeCommack High SchoolWind Field Estimation using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
3David XuJericho High SchoolWrite Anywhere: Filtering low-cost IMU data for small-scale motion reproduction
3Michael WangSyosset High SchoolAutomated segmentation of multiple sclerosis brain lesions
MChristopher LoHerricks High SchoolAdvancing Password Storage Systems: Integrating Secure Two-Factor Authentication to Databases in Protected Processor Enclaves
MAnkit JainHerricks High SchoolSupport Vector Classification of Metabolic States from Vagal Activity in BALB/C Mice
MShiraz JohnsonPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolA Mathematical Model to Determine the Optimal Arrival Time in Airports
HAviya LitmanGreat Neck North High SchoolA Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Exascale Resilience Model Based on Random Gossip Algorithms
Computer Science and Modeling - Group 1
1Andrew Goldberg, Joshua FlashnerRoslyn High SchoolMan and Machine: Comparing Accuracy of Long-Bone Fracture Identification between Convolutional Neural Networks and Radiologists
2Viraj JayumThe Wheatley SchoolProjecting onto the Generalized n-Sphere via Stereographic Projections
MLuke BottaSouthside High SchoolProvability of the Busy Beaver Function
HSean Pak, Kyle SpinelliCommack High SchoolDeep Learning for Classification of Non-small Cell Lung Tumors in CT Scans
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Group 2
1Shruthi ShekarJericho High SchoolBinding of SOX transcription factors (TF) and MALAT1 lncRNA to better understand breast cancer metastasis progression
2Victoria PensieroCommack High SchoolMultiple Gene Deletion in C. albicans Wild Type Strain SC5314
2Devika RajeevJericho High SchoolHL-60 cell line: A novel system for creating in vitro neturophil extracellular DNA traps (NETs)
2Hannah PhiliposeJericho High SchoolRetinal Regeneration: PA1 treatment upregulates PGC-1α
2Ryan SiegelPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolEngineering PLGA Nanoparticles with miRNA to Target Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
3Raphael IskraCommack High SchoolThe Effects of Nitazoxanide on Bacterial Virulence Factor Assembly by the Chaperone/Usher Pathway
3Caroline YuJericho High SchoolUnderstanding diabetes: Olfr-78 and its role in insulin secretion insulin resistance
3Caroline KatzPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolCharacterization and inhibitor design for the Cdc14 enzyme in Rhizoctonia solani
MLing Shi, Theodore BergerGreat Neck South High SchoolGlutamate is a Regulator of the Bone-derived Hormone Sclerostin: A Potential Cure for Bone Metabolism Diseases?
MJoanna Lau, Christina Kim, Shifa AliHerricks High SchoolEffect of Bisphosphonates on Viability of EGFR-Driven Liver Cancer
MMarc HuoJericho High SchoolCircumventing bottlenecks in RNAi-based therapeutics: pH-sensitive transferrin bound siACSL5-loaded nanoparticles
MRuoXuan Wang, Irene CokroJericho High SchoolEnhancing DNA molecular scaffolds: Enlarging rhombohedral cavity size for protein structure determination
MAmy LiuManhasset High SchoolThe Anticancer Reagent Cocktail for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Proliferation
HAndrew TsaoGreat Neck South High SchoolA pilot study on the relationship of sarcopenia associated variants on survival among lung cancer patients.
HJessica JiangGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Role of NRBF2 in the Regulation of the ULK1 Kinase Complex
HMadhav SubramanianJericho High SchoolExploring the Vascular Function of Dedicator of Cytokinesis 6 (DOCK6)
HVani KumarThe Wheatley SchoolSimulating the BRAF-D630045J12Ri Fusion in Hek-293t Cells Using the CRISPR/Cas9 Genetic Engineering System
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Group 1
1Timothy QiGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Gene Expression in HK2 cells in Relation to Chronic Kidney Disease
3Serena Zhao, Elizabeth Wu, Isabella KosciuskoManhasset High SchoolThe Effects of Insulin Pathway Inhibition in Combination with Resveratrol and Lithium Chloride on Selenium, SOD1, and TDP-43 Induced Neuron Death in D. melanogaster and C. elegans
3Ariel Blumenberg, Michael Bentivegna, Cooper ScherSyosset High SchoolThe Effect of the C60 + Dox Complex on Tumor Progression and Lipofuscin Concentration in gld1-null C. elegans
3Karen Li, Victor LiThe Wheatley SchoolTP53 Mutations as Potential Prognostic Markers for Specific Cancers: Analysis of Data from The Cancer Genome Atlas and the International Agency for Research on Cancer TP53 Database
HJohn Finnie-MaloneyCommack High SchoolModification of RubisCO Active Sites in Order to Weaken CA1B Attraction
General Biology - Group 2
1Amber PatrickJericho High SchoolElucidating the role of T-cells in transfusion-dependent sickle cell disease alloimmunization
2Jacqueline SlobinGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Snow white Effect: Epigenetic Reactivation of a Long-Silenced white Transgene
3Deniz SinarCommack High SchoolUnderstanding the Role of Bacteroidetes Species Isolated from the Beachgrass Rhizosphere in Plant Growth
3Joshua RothbaumGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Effect of BIIB-021 Exposure and Concentration on Photoreceptor Growth and Shedding: An Investigation into the Molecular Mechanisms of Rod Outer Segment Renewal
3Sahith Vadada, Rushikesh Patel, Vedant SinghHerricks High SchoolEvaluating the Effects of Graphene-Loaded Poly(4-vinylpyridine) Electrospun Fibrous Scaffolds and Spun-cast Thin Films on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells in vitro
3Gabriella ShayaniJericho High SchoolFTO and SERCA2a: roles in cardiomyocyte viability and contractility
3Dia ShahJericho High SchoolLow Intensity Focused Ultrasound (LOFU): Optimizing LOFU conditions to test tumor cell lethality
3Hamza MalikJericho High SchoolProstate Cancer Recurrence Prediction Test Utilizing Tissue Elasticity
3Rebecca MuratorePaul D. Schreiber High SchoolLateralization of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis
3Benjamin HuangSyosset High SchoolIdentifying a Novel Regulator of Myoblast Fusion in Drosophila melanogaster
MAivi RahmanHerricks High SchoolSex-Specific Role for LincRNA00473 in Anxiety and Depression
MJacky LinJericho High SchoolEvolution of the mammalian neocortex: An analysis of bat species as a model organism
HJustin ChoiJericho High SchoolRole of seizures in cardiac structure and function in temporal lobe epilepsy patients
HDhruba PodderJericho High SchoolTherapeutic potential of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell (AdMSC) exosomes in the intestinal epithelium
General Biology - Group 1
1Dhiya Sani, Emma KleinPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe effect of Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Glycerin on Escherichia Coli K12 and skin irritation in an in-vitro skin substrate
1Benjamin Goldstein, Edward SamowitzPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe effects of chokeberries vs. galantamine on Alzheimer’s disease in C. elegans & D. melanogaster
2Bob QianGreat Neck North High SchoolAssociating mutations with nucleotide periodicity
2Joelle Siong Sin, Trisha MinochaGreat Neck South High SchoolSalicylic Acid Treated Fusarium Infected Poa annua Under Abiotic Stress
2Kendrick Tak, Grace ChoiManhasset High SchoolEUK-8 an an Effective SOD and CAT Mimetic and an Aβ Toxicity Mediator
2Melissa Pittard, Brittany PolevikovPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolEffects of fiber rich herbs and their combinations on the growth of intestinal microbes with applications in allergic diseases
2William Borges, Spencer TsaoRoslyn High SchoolAt The Heart of ASMR: A Study on the Effects of ASMR on Students
3Charlson KimCommack High SchoolDopamine Hypothesis in Neuropsychiatric Disorders: A Schizophrenia Model to Determine the Effect of Dopamine on Gene Expression and Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
3Branden ChenGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Effect of Aspartame on the Activity and Lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans
3Carolina CarneiroGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Effects of Genetically Modified Corn on the Lifespan and Activity of C. Elegans
3Christopher LuGreat Neck North High SchoolUtilizing ArcGIS to Find Spatial Relationships Among Asthma Hospitalization Rates and Air Quality in New York City
3Jooha Gha, Abigail LeeGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect Curcumin has on Mitigating Immobility in Planaria Induced by Monoiodotyrosine
3Barbara TimmermanManhasset High SchoolDrosophila melanogaster Preference for Artificial Sweeteners
3Sean Lee, Cara KurkjianManhasset High SchoolThe Effects of Ambroxol Hydrocholrode and EDTA(Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) on Drosophila melanogaster induced with Huntington's Disease
3Kaitlyn ClarkeManhasset High SchoolThe Impact of Meat and Plant Based Diets on Greenhouse Gas Levels in the Environment
3Cheryl Chang, Micah GolanPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolEffect of Monosodium Glutamate on Drosophila melanogaster Lifespan and Satiation
3Eric Epstein, Adam SalzmanPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolEffects of Lycium barbarum berry extract and Vitis vinifera fruit skin extract on the Locomotion of Caenorhabditis elegans with Parkinson's Disease
3Maddie Rubin, Lianna FriedmanRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Resource pH on the Transgenerational Fitness of Drosophila melanogaster
MKallista Zhuang, Jinyeong YuGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Ascorbic Acid Treatment on the Degree of Neurotoxicity in Phagocata gracilis Exposed to Chronic Aluminum Sulfate Concentrations
MRyan Cheng, Rachel PaoGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Response of Drosophila melanogaster to FlyNap Anesthesia upon Incorporation of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and L-glutamic Acid into Diet
MJosh De LeeuwManhasset High SchoolThe Effect of Ethanol on Drosophila melanogaster Development, Preferences, and Behaviors
HShawn Uthup, Matthew FeigenbaumCommack High SchoolThe Effect of Heavy Metals on the Respiration Rate of Germinating Radish Seeds
HShourav Saha, Jonathan RothbaumGreat Neck South High SchoolAnalysis of the Ability of EGCG to Reverse Parkinsonian Symptoms Simulated Through Tyrosine Hydroxylase Inhibition
HMichelle Zheng, Aryaa KarkareGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Aloe-Infused Sundew-Simulated Hydrogel on Wound Healing in Drosophila melanogaster
HSpyrithoula XenopnontosManhasset High SchoolThe effect of green tea extract on an eggshell model of tooth decay.
HMir Zayid AlamManhasset High SchoolThe Effect of Punica granatum and Panax ginseng on the Lifespan and Locomotion of Drosophila melanogaster
HEmma WangManhasset High SchoolThe Use of Daphnia magna as a Model to Find the Effect of Ethanol and Melatonin on Heart Rate
HMadeline Competello, Lindsey FeinsteinPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe Effects of L-Theanine rich green tea extract on Alzheimer’s Disease in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Behavioral and Social Science - Group 2
1Johanna KannRoslyn High SchoolBlack and Blue: Investigating the Role of Officer Race in Perceived Trust and Legitimacy
2Joseph MelkonianPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolImproving Player Value Approximation in Cooperative Transferable Utility Games
3Amy ShteymanGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Language of Facial Expressions: A neuroimaging study on how a smile is generated and perceived by another person
3Asheena SiddiquiJericho High SchoolElectrophysiological Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease
MBrooke ChenHerricks High SchoolContributions of hippocampus and striatum to memory-guided behavior in open field environment
MJasmine BergerRoslyn High SchoolWhen Colorblind is Color Bias: Effect of Multicultural and Colorblind Racial Attitudes on Victim Blaming Tendencies
HAaron GeulaGreat Neck North High SchoolUsing fNIRS to Determine the Effects of Distractors on Neural Activity and Cross-Brain Coherence
HNicole HuangJericho High SchoolReduced effectiveness in panic treatments for comorbid panic disorder and depression
Behavioral and Social Science - Group 1
1Asher BykovRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Power Posing, Gestures, and Gender on Credibility and Likability
1Feyi Rufai, Olivia VIruet-QuinteroRoslyn High SchoolThe Effects of Gender and Gendered Traits on Perceived Qualifications
2Sophie Fries, Gabby FriesRoslyn High SchoolToo Many Looks at Online Grade Books: The Relationship Between Frequency of Access to Online Grade Books with Student Motivation and Academic Stress
3Seo Hyun Park, Do Yeon (Mia) KimGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Sounds of Names on Perceived Gender and Characteristics of Individuals and Hireability.
3Drew GoldmanRoslyn High SchoolStriSynth vs PowerShell: The Measure of Efficiency
3Jasmine TingRoslyn High SchoolThe Effects of Priming on Memory and Response Structure of Bilingual Participants
MLauren ChristensonRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Ethics Bowl Participation
MDaleep Grewal, Daniella FutoranRoslyn High SchoolThe Influence of Maternal Employment on Children's Career Ambition and Perception of Gender Equality
MDiya ChadhaSyosset High SchoolAmerican Stock Market Reactions to Spontaneous and Premeditated Events
HAnushka Gupta, Margaret HaykinGreat Neck North High SchoolDoes mindfulness meditation help students adapt to the growth mindset?
HDanielle GruberGreat Neck North High SchoolThe Relationship Between Phone Usage and Response to Cell Phone Stimul
HKushal UpadhyayPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolModeling the Syrian Refugee Crisis as a network model
HCharlotte Levin, Isabel AntoniukRoslyn High SchoolLet There Be Light: Natural and Artifical light and the Affect on Cognitive Achievemnt
HJake Litvack, Jacob SteinRoslyn High SchoolStretching for Academic Opportunity: The Effect of Physical Activity on Academic Behavior
HRyan Chou, Alida Pahlevan, Sarah Klein, Katie LamRoslyn High SchoolThe Effects of Location and Color on Recycling
HJake Stoller, Yasin BadawyRoslyn High SchoolThe Hidden Key to Your Diet? How Straw Size Affects Consumption
Chemistry - Group 2
1Emma GanJericho High SchoolRaman analysis of graphene: Elucidating defect dimensionality, doping, and strain during aging
2Benjamin Wolgang, Melike Akoglu, Paul MoonCommack High SchoolSynthesis and Analysis of N-Layered Perovskite Single Crystals
3Eish MaheshwariHerricks High SchoolStrategies for Tuning the Release Profile of Curcumin-Loaded Nanoparticles to Improve Drug Bioavailability and Optimize Sustainable Delivery
3Angie LiJericho High SchoolUnderstanding cancer pharmacology: Interactions between novel third generation EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors and serum albumin
HRyan HouHerricks High SchoolExploration of the Cation-π Interaction: Potential for a New Biomimetic Wet Adhesive
Chemistry - Group 1
1Aden Horowitz, Kevin Gauld, Joseph YooManhasset High SchoolAnalysis of Phaseolus Vulgaris as a Phytoremediant of Synthetic Textile Wastewater
Earth and Environmental Sciences - Group 2
1Anoop SinghCommack High SchoolA Multilinear Approach to Forecasting the El Nino Southern Oscillation
2Mutahara BhuiyanJericho High SchoolSustainability in water treatment: Heavy metal remediation via nitro-oxidized carboxycellulose nanofibers
2Saige GitlinPaul D. Schreiber High Schoolin vitro cultivation of the parasite Ribeiroia ondatrae
MJacob KellerPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolEfficacy of Filtration of Storm Water Using Antimicrobial Surface Paint Applied to a Rock Matrix
MEmma LevinPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolExamining the Sensitivity and Impact of Anthropogenic Climate Change on North Atlantic Major Hurricane Landfall Drought and Activity
HHitangee JainThe Wheatley SchoolPretreatment of Brassica rapa with Pyrabactin Increases Tolerance to High Salinity
Earth and Environmental Sciences - Group 1
1Nicole Blattman, Makenzie KomackRoslyn High SchoolErase the Waste! The Use of Daphnia Magna as an Indicator of Pollution and Toxicity in Manipulated and Local Surface Waters
2Max GoldmanPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolEffects of PFOA on development in Vanessa cardui larvae
3Ethan OsmanGreat Neck South High SchoolComparative Degradation of Aromatic Polymers by White-rot Fungi and Mealworms
3Eric Bae, Joshua LiuGreat Neck South High SchoolInvestigating plant bioprotection against Fusarium oxysporum and Alternaria alternata with interplant communication through Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
3Samantha ChenManhasset High SchoolRemediation of Indigo Dye from Water Using Various Plant Products
MRichard Lee, Annie MillerManhasset High SchoolMultiple Comparisons of Combination Fuel Cell Designs with Biosensing Capabilities: Novel Approaches to Harvesting and Monitoring Energy Production from Agriculture in Microbe-Polluted Water
MGabriel Grullon, William ChenManhasset High SchoolThe Effects of Rhodopseudomonas palustris, Eisenia fetida and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on the Phytoremediation Properties of the Brassica rapa Plant in Salt Contaminated Soils
HKeena Yin, Elizabeth LouieGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effect of Duckweed on the Removal of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen Concentrations in Bodies of Water
HAlana Ginsburg, Wendy QuManhasset High SchoolThe Effect of Artificial Selection on Electrochemical Activity in Escherichia coli Generations and Photosynthetic Microbial Fuel Cell Performance
HAlex ArbitalJacoby, Theodore Koutsoftas, Akiva MohebbanThe Wheatley SchoolThe Effect of Silver, Gold, and Copper Nanoparticles on The Voltage Production in an S. Cerevisiae Microbial Fuel Cell
Physics and Astronomy - Groups 1 and 2
1Gabriel ChanCommack High SchoolAn Identification of Forces Affecting Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Development
1Baokun GuManhasset High SchoolA Statistical Search for Small-Strain Burst Sources Proliferating in Enhanced and Advanced LIGO Time Series Data
MJiaxuan HuJericho High SchoolHigh Precision Radial Velocity Measurements: detecting Exo-Earth with double scrambler
MJustin SchiavoRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of an Aerospike Nozzle on the Hybrid Rocket Engine
HMatthew KileyManhasset High SchoolOptimizing the Probability of Detecting Habitable Planets by Investigating the Galactic Habitable Zone
Prototype Engineering - Group 2
1Qingyuan QianGreat Neck North High SchoolDeveloping a Compact Multi-Wire Proportional Chamber for Cosmic Ray Detection
MTasin MashriqiJericho High SchoolEnvironmental Monitoring and Marine Exploration: Utilizing Hybrid Undulatory Swimming for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Design
HJamie LittmanPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolAnalysis of Strain Gauges Embedded in Tidal Turbines
Prototype Engineering - Group 1
1Jeffrey YuRoslyn High SchoolDeveloping A Low-Cost and Efficient Universal Liquid 3D Printer Apparatus
2Paige Robinson, Brian Mokotoff, Adam DubiCommack High SchoolA Lightweight Device To Aid In The Folding Of Papers
3Noah HanoverGreat Neck North High SchoolA Smarter Blind Cane: Combining Raspberry Pi and Sensors to Change the Lives of Blind People
3Jaekeun Sung, Justin HuGreat Neck South High SchoolArm Exoskeleton Designed to Assist in Carrying Objects
3Jason WuManhasset High SchoolThe Comparison of Energy Production of Piezoelectric Discs and Plates Using a Shoe Model
MGabi D'AgostinoCommack High SchoolNon-Newtonian Vehicle Side Impact Damage Reduction System
MSomya PathakGreat Neck South High SchoolThe Effects of Co-sensitization on the Efficiency of Dye- Sensitized Solar Cells
MCharlie Dash, Daniel HartPaul D. Schreiber High SchoolThe study on the performance of novel Al-Air batteries vs. Al-Graphite batteries at varying temperatures
MJessica Fox, Ethan Wachsman, Alexander TepedinoRoslyn High SchoolThe Effect of Propellers on UAV Noise Output
HAria Eghbali, Yeil KimCommack High SchoolA Sensitive Wide-Band Antenna System to Detect RF Radiation of Various Frequencies and Polarizations with High Directionality
HJake NovelloCommack High SchoolThe Design and Construction of a Novel Traction Splint
HJackson TuManhasset High SchoolImprovement of Solar Cell efficiency through the use of natural Phase Change Materials