WAC Lighting Foundation Invitational Science Fair

The Research Association is a consortium of thirteen schools' research teachers dedicated to the importance of science as a verb, as learning science is enhanced by actively engaging in the scientific process. More than 400 hundred students from thirteen different schools have come together each year for the past twenty years to present their research to esteemed judges from Universities and Hospitals across Long Island and New York City. The symposium provides students with a goal as they spend many months completing their projects in preparation for the fair.

The topics of research are as varied as the students. Younger students may study the effects of temperature on cricket sounds while older students may have spent months or years in University labs exploring for the answers to cancer or inexpensive ways to produce fuel alternatives. Everything under the sun seems open to exploration: from Astronomy to Nanotechnology, from practical to theoretical. But while the topics covered are varied one aspect of the fair remains constant, the importance of this activity in the development of tomorrow's leaders.

The teachers of the Research Association are delighted to provide this opportunity to students each year and are pleased to have WAC Lighting Foundation as their partner in this endeavor.